Hello and thank you for opening our website and want to know more about us .

We are an established  since the year 1986. We have seen many changes as far as car audios and their related accessories are concerned. It has been a huge revelation since the audio cassettes and CD’s invention.
People not only want to hear music but also want to see it!!! Thus the advent ANDROID.
People are also keen on High Quality Sound. Thus the advent of Amplifiers & Woofers.
We are car audio dealers in KOLKATA who are very well updated with the newly
advanced technologies of cars and its various types of accessories
Most car owners love having plenty of car accessories. Since music is the best past time on Indian roads during rush hours, it makes sense to buy some worthy and a good car audio system. 

Any car audio system should be able to absorb shocks and vibrations in various Indian road conditions. Such good quality of music can be obtained from various good companies like JBL, Pioneer, JVC, Sony etc.  The system should be able to suppress the noise during traffic jams.
 An expensive system can get ruined. Sometimes, putting an expensive system is unaffordable and risky, as car thieves look for good opportunities to steal and sell these expensive systems at cheaper rates, so we advise you to have a security system in your car.
Some of the best car audio sellers around town are present in a very few areas. We are car audio systems dealers in KOLKATA where one can get safe and trouble-free equipment of the well known companies. Buying car audio systems is not very tricky if you are well informed about what you want to install in your dream car.

Good knowledge about safety features, long life, warranty, care and maintenance of your audio system can only come from experienced dealers who know what they sell and ensure the quality of their product. We will also inform about warranty of car audio systems before you have it installed in your car .We have the best deals for every car owner with us.